2M Backup: is the ideal solution to backup and protect your important data. 2M Backup is the software that completes your work. A UK based company owned by 2M Technologies Ltd, we are focusing to improve and differentiate our Products from competitors in the market from TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) point of view as well as quality, and we also focus on simplicity and performance. 2M Technologies owning various IT companies and also partners with many technology companies to make sure services and products developed and served by us has highest quality, company formed in 2007 with help of experienced IT and Business manager with more than 100 years of combined  experience.

2M Backup - Powerful and feature-rich:

All 2M Backup features are created to get the highest level of execution agility and ease of configuration. 2M allows you to perform different backup types on many devices: NAS, RDX, LTO or DAT tapes, external USB drives, networked computers, FTP servers, Cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox or OneDrive. 2M can backup SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases and also make Drive Image backups, and create whole-disk images for Disaster Recovery and system bare metal restore with a few clicks. In addition you have many essential features such as e-mail notifications, detailed log files for each backup operation, execution of external processes and scripts, backup of open files (VSS), installation as service, synchronization, AES 256 bit encryption, Zip 64 compression, etc. ..