Application Delivery Solutions

Application Delivery Solutions

A comprehensive solution consisting of hardware, software and IT strategies utilized within an organization's technology infrastructure to effectively and efficiently deliver business critical applications and information securely over an IP network.

Application Delivery Controllers provide the availability, scalability, performance, security and control essential to keeping enterprise applications and cloud services running. A front-end for Web and application servers, ADCs offload compute intensive tasks, enable seamless addition of servers, accelerate applications, provide multi-layer defense, ensure local and global redundancy and provide granular control over the flow of traffic to and from users and applications.


This solution provides the below features:

·         Deliver Windows applications and remote desktops to any user, anywhere, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device being used. Working remotely has never been easier.

·         With resource-based load balancing and high availability, benefit constantly from the optimum performance of your network farm. With Servers and Gateways always on, boost your organization’s productivity and maximize your Return on Investment.

·         Desktop management –reporting and monitoring which involves easily managing and configuring any Windows client. Centralizing remote access to secure your data and reduce risks. Removing bottlenecks from your infrastructure with the revolutionary reporting engine. Monitoring users and servers from a central location.


Nivan offers below solution:

-          2X RAS

-          Vmware Desktop & Application Virtualization