Committed to eliminating vulnerability threats

By providing optimal security for enterprise customers and home users worldwide

Secunia is recognised industry-wide as a pioneer and global player within the IT security ecosystem, in the niche of Vulnerability Management. Our award-winning portfolio equips corporate and private customers worldwide with Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, and automated Patch Management tools to manage and control vulnerabilities across their networks and endpoints.

A strong strategic vision of becoming number one is, and always has been, a founding pillar of Secunia. We therefore deliver best-in-class solutions that have less superficial gift wrapping and instead contain true value. All Vulnerability Management products in Secunia’s portfolio provide proven endpoint protection against vulnerabilities, due to our special combination of unique application scanning, unrivalled expertise, and impeccable customer service. All of this is achieved by the dedicated efforts of the industry-renowned Secunia Research Team and enhanced by Secunia’s focused sales and support functions.

A track record of excellence makes Secunia a preferred supplier for enterprises, such as Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses, and government agencies worldwide.


By leveraging our Vulnerability Management knowledge and solutions, our customers can rapidly handle emerging threats, complex IT security risks, security audits, and compliance audits across industries and sectors, which are all key components of corporate risk management.




Corporate Products

Secunia corporate products and solutions provide network security software for businesses and organisations across every sector, whether you want to deploy patches yourself or use an automated tool that patches for you.

Consumer Products

Secunia consumer products help ensure that computer users have free and easy access to reliable computer security software that helps protect them from the threat of cyber attack.


Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM)

Vulnerability management

The Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) is a complete software vulnerability management solution. Suitable for companies of any size, the Secunia VIM sends relevant, real-time software vulnerability alerts to allocated administrators.

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Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

Free computer security software

The Secunia PSI scans and secures your computer from weaknesses in popular software programs like Skype, Google Chrome and Dropbox. It automatically installs updates to keep the data on your computer safe and secure.

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Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)

Patch management

The Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) is a Vulnerability and Patch Management Software Solution that completes and targets the Patch Management process. It combines Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Creation with Patch Deployment Tool Integration to Enable Targeted, Reliable, and Cost-efficient Patch Management.

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Personal Software Inspector for Android(PSI)

Free mobile security software

Download the Secunia PSI for Android for one user and start scanning your smartphone for weaknesses that leaves it open to hackers.

How does it work?
Secunia PSI for Android scans third-party apps downloaded from Google Play as well as apps from external sources.

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